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Fall in love in Naples

In love in love with Naples and Naples, all set for Valentine's Day, within and beyond the usual horizon of opportunities that offers, for now tradition, the Feast of lovers. Our city this year is no exception homage to the feelings, he makes it his own and tries to go even further, to capture the attention of citizens and tourists with its beauty, in a night of cultural events spread in our museums. The "Night of Naples" in love is an event organized by the Culture and Tourism of the City of Naples along with the Academy of Fine Arts and in collaboration with superintendents, museums ,, cultural institutions and tourism operators. An initiative that we hope both serious and fun, to fall in love and fall in love in Naples in Naples and also an invitation for tourists, young people and not only to flock to Naples and visit its most beautiful places. For the "Night of Naples in love" we agreed, among other things, the extraordinary opening of numerous city museums with highlighting in particular the works of art that, in our museum collections, more directly will call the "sweet and loving affections "with thematic visits, other events and also special offers for all couples. Finally, a reference point for the whole city, a Rossocuore lighted button, made by the School New Technologies of the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, will be installed on February 14 in a scenic location, visible from all over town.